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The company law is Cyprus requires every company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus to submit annually to the Registrar Companies and the Inland Revenue its

financial statements prepared by licensed auditors eligible to perform statutory audits. Licensed auditors are regulated under the Companies Law and the assigned Regulated Bodies.

The firms experienced, well-educated and highly trained audit team will assess our client’s controls and develop an audit program that will ensure that appropriate attention is devoted to the most important areas, potential problems are promptly identified to guarantee the efficiency of financial reporting.

Our audit guarantees that our clients follow all applicable reporting standards (IRFSs) and provides a detailed and in-depth presentation of business financial statements to provide real value to our client’s business at a cost-effective way.

Our services include the following

  • Statutory audit of Financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Standards (IRFSs)
  • Financial and management audits with specific features and purposes
  • Audit Report in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (I.S.A)
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Fraud Investigations and Dispute Services
  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements to the directors and shareholders
  • Evaluation of opportunities and risks.
  • Internal controls system review
  • Management letter on weaknesses and suggested improvements
  • Companies Limited Reviews
  • Year and Planning

Internal Audit

Internal audit helps the organization to achieve its objectives by evaluating a systematic and methodical approach to its risk management processes, control and management of the entity and making proposals to strengthen.

The main objective of an internal audit is to verify and ensure that organisation's policies and procedure are followed and inform the top management about the gap in the policy compliance.

Regulated and public interest entities are obligated to maintain an effective audit function as an internal section of their internal control system.

Our experience team can provide the following:

  • Internal audit and special reports as required by law and regulations
  • Special investigations
  • Design and implementation of internal audit programs
  • Investigation of the internal audit functions and identify areas for improvement
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Compliance with laws and regulations


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